Who We Are

InnovaConservation is a nonprofit organization that develops and funds innovative ideas and disruptive technology to protect and secure the future of Africa’s wildlife and wild lands.

What is disruptive technology? It’s simply technology that replaces an older technology. Such as television replacing the radio or the GPS replacing maps. We like to shake things up, try new things and see what works. You’d be amazed how the most simple idea can change the world.

InnovaConservation collaborates with everyone – individuals, rangers, innovators, parks, groups and schools that are making a difference with unique, cost-effective, innovative methods that are creating significant positive impacts on wildlife and the environment. We are an open source organization; we share data and programs to any one and any organization to further the cause.

Partner with InnovaConservation

Innova also funds and works diligently with some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley – Engineers, developers, conservationists and mad scientists in the field of robotics and thermal technology all help InnovaConservation create cutting-edge applications to rapidly and effectively save our wildlife and wild lands.

Sometimes we even go old school to implement and recreate natural, ancient methods which used to keep our wildlife and ecosystem balanced, alive and thriving as it was before humans came along.

Take a look at our projects page to see what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.