Thank you for checking our or careers page. InnovaConservation focuses on funding and creating unique and innovative solutions for wildlife and environmental rehabilitation. Most are extremely cost effective and Innova would like to broaden our range to other parts of Africa as well as see our heroes grow. We like to see a lot of bang for our donors buck. We also focus on disruptive technology and we’re looking forward to seeing some of our ideas out in the field by next year, although most are already in progress and succeeding wildly.

  • We are an integrative business model organization. This means we aim to be partially self-funding by integrating profit generating businesses into our organization in order to hire the best people to make the most significant changes to help Africa’s wildlife and wild lands.
  • This is a chance to get in on the ground floor of an incredibly unique wildlife conservation nonprofit that is doing incredible work with amazing heroes, technology and innovative programs.
  • All positions are intern and/or volunteer positions at present. You possess the ability to create your own job and salary by bringing value to our organization.
  • Please send CVs and cover letters to contactus@innovaconservation.com
  • We are in need of qualified candidates to fill the following positions (pls note that some may be remote and may change slightly over time dependant on needs).
The ideal candidate will driven, proactive and creative, possessing excellent communication, social, interpersonal and organizational skills. A passion for wildlife and the environment is a requirement. In addition you should possess:

  • The ability to build a trusting relationship with our donors; Excellent presentation skills, ethics, leadership and negotiation abilities along with the power to inspire;
  • Outstanding strategic planning knowledge, the ability to assess the interests of prospective donors, coordinate logistics for events, and devise budgets for programs and events;
  • Extensive knowledge and success with most internet crowdfunding platforms;
  • Collect, analyze, and store donor data;
  • Develop unique fund raising events, campaigns and develop opportunities;
  • Supervise volunteers who are eager to help support our programs and ideas.

You will report directly to the founders.