Giving back to heroes

The Problem: Did you know that most parks and reserves do not pay for Anti-Poaching Rangers or Anti Poaching Dogs? All funding comes from private donations.

Volunteer Rangers and Anti-Poaching Dog do tough jobs, many times under brutal conditions. They sleep outside in the bush guarding wildlife at their own peril, they search for snares, run for miles in dangerous conditions and weather, and risk their own safety in the wild.

The Anti-Poaching dogs are cared for by the Rangers who also pay for dog food, maintenance, vet bills and more.

They do all these things and more out of love for wildlife, conservation and of course dogs. The least we can do is give them some help for their service to the world.

Our Solution: InnovaConservation needs your help to provide salaries to thank these Heroes of Conservation and help pay the bills for these brave, hard-working dogs! Rangers work hard every day in battle tough conditions. Some even sleep outside in the middle of the parks with no tent, sleeping bag or back pack. The Rangers also spend much of their free time fund raising for the maintenance of Anti-Poaching dogs.