Leasing Land For Wildlife

The Problem: Rapid human population growth and massive agriculture and farming are taking over most of the wildlife habitat in Africa, leaving animals with nowhere to go. Human-wildlife conflict has grown to a crisis level.

In addition, food crops and chemicals have destroyed vast amounts of forestland, water catchments and breeding areas. The land is left devastated, fenced off and barren. Consequently, wildlife has dropped by more than 50% in the last 2 decades throughout Africa.

Our Solution: Paying African communities to lease out their land to conservation groups and leave it for the solitary use of wildlife; leaving migratory channels open, unfenced and safe for the animals. This leased land will also be rehabilitated and reforested. Click here to learn about our Holistic Management Program to return grasslands and desertified soil back to lush green land for wildlife to live and thrive.

A wildebeest perishes, unable to find its way through miles of fencing to reach food and water.

Hundreds of miles of fenced off land causing animals to be blocked from water, food and migration.