saving elephants with sunflowers – Human-Wildlife conflict

The Problem: Elephants break through fencing to raid farmers crops who then retaliate by killing the elephants. Human wildlife conflict causes the death of animals and humans as well as causing drastic farm losses as the human population grows. Anywhere from 50 to 100 elephants are killed per year in Kenya alone.

Our Solution: Elephants are repelled by bees. But in many places, bees and beehives do not function due to the lack of flowers and the extreme heat. Planting Sunflowers attracts bees and offers them a pollen extravaganza. The rows of Sunflowers and beehives planted around the food crops functions as elephant deterrent fences saving both elephant and human lives, as well as crops.

An elephant killed while eating crops.

The Bonus

The community uses the Sunflowers to make Sunflower and Seed Oil (as well as raw honey from the beehives) to sell to the markets giving them extra income.