Saving Lions With Lights

The Problem: Human wildlife conflict and retaliatory poisonings and killings of lions have caused the death of over 90% of these magnificent animals in Kenya. Lions sometimes attack farmer’s livestock and the farmer often responds by fatally poisoning them. Recent estimates state that there are less than 2,000 lions left in the country. In fact, lion sightings are so rare that today, each lion has its own name.

Our Solution: An innovative lighting system that surrounds the enclosures of livestock, tricking lions into thinking there are human watchmen on duty and preventing them from making attacks. The result: when lions don’t attack livestock, they don’t get poisoned by the farmers.  Existing lion light systems have reduced lion killings by up to 98%!

However, not enough lion light systems are in place! The most recent estimate is that all lions with be gone within 20 years.

Because lions sometimes attack livestock in enclosures during the night, farmers often retaliate by leaving meat out laced with poison.

“These lights, which keep the livestock safe ins