spot robots – saving wildlife in africa

The Problem: It’s encouraging to see a lot of great new technology in Africa’s parks and reserves in an attempt to keep wildlife safe. Unfortunately, poaching continues to be a severe problem throughout Africa. Furthermore, anti-poaching dogs and Rangers are being severely injured or killed every day while fighting to keep wildlife safe.

The most significant problem is the time it takes for the Rangers and dogs to reach the poachers or the animal in distress. Especially for the larger parks, which can be up to a whopping 25,000 square miles (the size of Israel). It’s not easy to patrol all that land and get to the problem area before the poaching is done. Also, dogs and Rangers can often get killed or injured while chasing down bad guys.

Our Solution: Working with Boston Dynamics’ robot creations and some brilliant technological minds in Silicon Valley, we are currently planning thermal capability and software customization for the Spot Robots as patrol units in African wildlife parks and reserves.

A baby elephant slaughtered for her tiny tusks.