Taking Down a Poacher

Taking down poachers isn’t easy. But with you as an investor with InnovaConservation and our multi-tiered approach to stop poachers in their tracks we can win the war against the slaughter of wildlife throughout the continent.

Poachers kill thousands of endangered animals every day and have the ability to destroy an entire species of wildlife within our lifetime such as the loss of the last surviving male northern white rhino in the world.

InnovaConservation is leading the fight against poachers with the help of dogs, drones, artificial intelligence and disruptive technology. With your investment and generous contributions you can partner with us to take down poachers with the following technology and innovative programs:

Rescuing Dogs From Kill Shelters

Did you know that 93% of all poaching captures are made by dogs? That’s why InnovaConservation is thrilled to be working with Working Dogs for Conservation to take abandoned…

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