Fighting the Snaring Crisis with Drones

The Problem: The snaring problem in Africa is worse than the poaching of rhinos and elephants across the continent. It is one of the single biggest contributors to the extinction of species. The death toll has today reached a crisis level status.

Our Solution: Autonomous Snare Drones programmed to detect snare wire traps by their metal and shape and geotag them in the bush. The snare locations are then saved by the drone on mapping coordinates and sent to the rangers for removal.

No more exhausting, long, dangerous treks through the bush just to remove one or two snare wires. The Snare Drones are capable of finding dozens within an hour making this the largest contributor to conservation and wildlife preservation in Africa .

The advantages of metal detection drones are numerous. They can move about day or night to locate and digitally mark each snare location for removal. Humans no longer have to walk through the dangerous parks or the bush physically looking for snares. Many times snare wire traps are nearly impossible to spot so the searcher must either walk through the snare to discover it or be qui